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iGCSE Physics

This course will enable you to obtain an Edexcel iGCSE in Physics. 

The course follows the F.I.T.S method of teaching.

Course information  

The International GCSE Physics course is for students that want to know facts, concepts and principles about the World they live in and if they want to progress further to Physics A level. This course is complemented with maths GCSE. 


The course consists of 4 modules with 4 assessments including a mock Exam which are all teacher assessed.


Module 1: Forces and Motion 

Module 2: Electricity 

Module 3: Waves 

Module 4: Energy Resources and Energy Transfer 

Module 5: Solids, Liquids and Gases 

Module 6: Magnetism and Electromagnetism 

Module 7: Radioactivity and Particles 

Module 8: Astrophysics 


The syllabus can be found here. 



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