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GCSE Science Revision Course

The course sets monthly tasks and assessments to complete. Currently offered are:

AQA – Separate Sciences

AQA – Combined Science

Edexcel – Combined Science

If your course is not listed please get in touch and I will add it on.

Course Information

Each month the students will be given:

1) Progress sheet or relevant list of the content for that unit for them to go through and assess their strongest and weakest topics.

2) Access for quick knowledge assessment using multiple choice questions identifying gaps in their knowledge.

3) Access to Examapp (eLearning platform) to watch videos to close these gaps and to then complete quizzes on Examapp until they can achieve 80% or more to ideally be confident with that topic/module.

4) They will then complete an assessment (exam questions) that will be personally marked and feedback to them in a written/video format with specific targets on how to improve.

In addition, every student will have access to weekly sessions that are recorded and saved to watch anytime. There are 3 per week, 1 for each science subject, and are guided by the students needs so communication is paramount. 

These live sessions also cover general skills such as maths, practical skills or exam application that alone will boost their grades.

I share a communication platform with them so they can easily message me whenever they want. 

The course runs from September to May 2023 when exams start. This is a total of 9 months.

The full 9 months totals £900 and can be paid in monthly installments of £100.

If you join later than September all modules will still be assessed with feedback and the full £900 will be spread over the remaining months till May. 

For example, if you join in January then it would be £180 per month.

£100.00 per month

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