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GCSE Chemistry

This course will enable you to obtain a GCSE in Chemistry. It covers all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) including IGCSE for those that are Home Educated.

The GCSE Chemistry course is a good choice for students that want to understand about the makeup of the planet, how elements interact and create all the natural world we live in. Biology and Chemistry together are beneficial as they support understanding. Many students take this to progress further and take Chemistry at A level. 

Course information

1) An eLearning platform from Examapp designed by Oxford University and used in many schools Worldwide.

2) Personal planning of content for each individual student to meet their capabilities and demands so that the course is complete in time for exams.

3) Additional worksheets, videos, practical ideas provided so that knowledge can be learnt in multiple formats and accessible to ensure understanding.

4) Weekly recorded live online sessions focusing on topic knowledge, exam application, maths, keywords etc.

5) End of topic assessments that are marked by myself with a 1:1 Zoom feedback to go over answers and set personalised targets.

6) Regular calls every 3 weeks to make sure the student is managing, and motivation is maintained.

7) Regular communication and feedback with parents so they know how their child is developing.


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