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I have designed a method of teaching my online GCSE courses that will maximise each students potential. 

Focused learning - weekly live sessions focusing on a variety of subjects including exam technique, application of knowledge and maths in science.

Independent learning – structured learning using Examapp and worksheets covering all aspects of the syllabus. I personally plan each students learning schedule specifying videos, activities and websites to support their learning and incorporate multiple methods of learning.

Targeted learning – regular end-of-module assessments that are marked by myself with a 1:1 Zoom feedback call providing SMART targets for your child to continue developing. Within a few months you should be seeing progression in their grades if they complete these targets.

Supported learning – a collection of worksheets and videos collected from reliable and recommended resources to provide additional support to secure syllabus content. In addition I call each student every 3 weeks to 'check-in' and see that everything is going well. 

CW Tutoring also use Edmodo for essential communication between myself, the students and parents. Everything discussed, assessment grades and targets etc will be written up on Edmodo so that parents know exactly how well their child is doing and what they have to do. Edmodo also provides a platform for messaging and staying in touch.


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