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Why choose Edexcel International Qualifications?

  • When you choose to study an online GCSE Course through the CW Tutoring you will be provided with full support and personalised feedback to prepare you for your examinations and pass with your highest mark possible. GCSEs are a stepping stone into many different careers as well as further study into A level and beyond. 
  • Edexcel (Pearson Education Ltd) provide the worlds most recognisable qualification. Along with CW Tutoring F.I.T.S. learning system the student will have everything they need to succeed to their best ability.

Is this the same exam as I would get in school?

  • Yes, it follows the same syllabus which you can find here. 
  • You’ll sit the same exams at the same time as all the other iGCSE students in the UK, and you’ll receive the same results, transcript and qualification. 
  • Your iGCSE will be accepted by colleges, universities and employers worldwide as equivalent to a GCSE. 

When can I start the course?

  • You can enrol at any point during the year and then choose when to book your exam which will be either January or June.  

What other costs are there? 

  • You will ONLY have to pay for the exam which are paid directly to the exam centre and they vary depending on which centre you choose. See links to find your nearest exam centre. 
  • The cost you pay to CW Tutoring will include the text books you need to structure your learning. I will also give you Dropbox access to access all the worksheets and videos needed to support your learning. You will also be invited to the groups Facebook group where students can discuss and I can share articles/answer questions/share videos etc.  

How do I book my exam and find an exam centre? 

  • Again Edexcel have a link to find and book your exam. 

When do I book my exam? 

  • About 6 months before your chosen exam date, you should book your place at an exam centre to take the exams. 
  • The codes for the courses are: Edexcel specification for examinations from 2022 onwards. 

Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Science (4SD0) 

Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Biology (4BI1) 

Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Chemistry (4CH1) 

Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Physics (4PH1) 

  • Your exam centre could be a school or college that's also submitting its own students for the exam, or it could be a private exam centre .
  • Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates but I have found that this won’t cover every available center. Please search elsewhere or even contacting local schools and colleges directly. 




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